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Telenor to Lay off Over 100 Employees in Pakistan

Telenor is planning to lay off at least 100 employees from Pakistan to outsource major Finance and Accounting tasks to Accenture Bangladesh, we have confirmed with sources. Sources confirmed that Telenor Group is in process of taking a decision on the matter and final outcome is expected around last week of April 2014. Interestingly the…



17 hottest women in the world

#17 Kate Upton Kate Upton is Spots Illustrated’s swimsuit of the model of the year and has fan...

Boyses at Dolmen City Mall

Me recently had an unusual experience inside Dolmen City Mall; inside the gents washroom of Dolmen City Mall to be precise. N...

The 2013 BET Awards are finally upon us! Woo hoo! So far the stars are out and shining bright. Janelle Monáe, Ciara, Sanaa La... Bet awards 2013